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Type Zebra is a local font explorer. It lets you test your locally installed typefaces in a web browser. Now available in Chrome web store.


Who is it for?

Type Zebra is for typeface designers, web designers and other creatives who care about how their typefaces appear in web browsers.

Why should I use it?

The type rendering of web browser varies greatly from native applications. It's best to check how your typefaces render in a web browser before choosing for your web designs.

Why does it require Flash?

Adobe Flash plugin is required to detect fonts installed on your computer. If you know a better solution to do this, let me know. If you are using Flash blocking extension on your browser, then you need to whitelist the domain to use the app.

I just installed some fonts. I can't see them here. Why?

Restart your web browser and then visit this page.

Who created it?

It was created by Sushaantu (@su). He is UX Designer based in Santiago, Chile.

How can I contact you regarding bugs and features?

Use this form or contact directly on twitter @typezebra.